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         Integrated Hot Oil Massage                                                                                                 

In this unique treatment, heated oil is applied and worked systematically and gently into the whole body. Feeling extremely pleasant and soothing, it takes you to deeper levels of relaxation. I will encourage you to let go from holding on to any thought or muscle activity so you can fully enjoy your time of bliss and peace.

The exceptional quality of this massage lies in its use of heated oil combined with a variety of techniques drawn from Ayurvedic and Holistic massage, Lymphatic therapy, deep tissue and Sports massage. Each treatment is tailored to your individual constitution and specific requirements. A brief chat about your health and particular requests prior to the massage will be my guidance of what exactly benefits you most. Your preferences are always considered and your feedback is valuable and welcome.


Stress-Relief and Emotional Balancing
Calms the mind, the nervous system and the body's energy fields.

Relieve Muscle Tension and Stiffness, Improve Mobility and Posture.
The heated oil soothes and penetrates deep into the body, and gently softens and opens muscle tissue. You will feel tensions instantly melt away.
When muscles are constantly tense, they become shorter which can result in restricted movement, pain or even misalignment of bone structure. A regular heated oil massage can
improve your posture.

Enhance Immune System and Detox
Hot oil massage increases blood and Lymph circulation and gently eliminates toxins which can make you feel tired and run-down.
Did you know? The Lymph system is our body's defence system against infection, illness and premature ageing. We have more Lymph vessels then blood vessels. The heart pumps the
blood around the body, but the Lymph depends on muscular activity to circulate. Even if you don't exercise regularly, an Integrated hot oil massage will stimulate your immune system and make it work more efficiently.

Assist Weight Loss, Reduce Cellulite
This method is also a natural beauty enhancer. It helps burn off fatty tissue and brings a glow to your skin.

Ease Arthritic Conditions

 Which oils are used?

Usually I use neutral base oil like sweet almond or grape seed oil. Any particular requests can be discussed. A special blend of natural essences can be used for facials.