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Therapeutic Exercise for Posture, Alignment and Body Awareness

  • Do you have to sit in a chair for many hours?
  • Feeling stiff and achy?
  • Not enough time to go to the gym? 

 I can motivate you to an eye-opening workout.

Taste the feel-good factor of joyful exercising.

Improve posture and mobility the pleasant way.

You will develop an increased sensibility to listen to your body and improve general awareness, hence feel better, stronger and more alive. Even just walking feels better, the way you carry yourself with more energy and confidence.

What happens in a session?

After a consultation about your individual requirements (areas of tension, poor posture habits etc), simple but powerful exercises are chosen, explained and learned in detail.

I use imagery to achieve best results and make it more interesting. I am precise, supportive and encouraging, and passionate because I know it works if practised regularly.

I can come to you, home or office.