On-site / Indian Head and Upper Body Massage

Indian head massage is an effective method to improve well-being and ideal as part of a stress management program. It can be enjoyed in the office, other workplaces or in the comfort of your home.

The Indian head massage experience:

Simply relaxing in your chair, you are encouraged to give your mind a rest and allow yourself to melt away into blissful sensations.
A variety of gentle pressure techniques are skilfully applied to your head, neck and shoulders. You will feel immediate relief from tensions and energy blocks, leaving you calm and relaxed, yet alert and clearly focused.
The treatment includes stimulating pressure points on your back to ease aches and pains.
Energising squeezing and stretching techniques are applied to arms and hands.
A brief consultation before starting the massage will help to provide you with the treatment best suited for your individual requirements.



Reduces stress and irritability
Revitalises, eliminates fatigue
Relaxes the nervous system soothing the whole body
Improves concentration
Increases mobility
Balances energy; grounding, centering, calming
Benefits conditions such as: anxiety, stiffness, back pain, depression, insomnia
(Some conditions require more than one treatment)

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